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Poor level of work by Nagarpalika Bijnor
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Respected All,


I want to draw your kind attention on the poor cleaning condition of Shanti Nagar colony(Behind Numaish ground),Bijnor.

We all as a residents of Shanti nagar pays our house tax duly but the services which we expect from the Nagarpalika are really very poor.

I want to start with daily cleaning of the roads is done only for the area of residence of Vidhayak and for other people its negligible.

The numbers of street dogs are increasing day by day which cause harm to the childrens, even 1-2 dogs are very dangerous in that area for which Nagarpalika should take some actions.

The situation of vacant plots are becoming dumping zone for waste because there are no trash/waste box where the residents can dump their waste, Very frequently we found snakes and dangerous animals in these area which are too much dangerous for the children's.

The condition of road from Numaish ground to Shanti Nagar colony is in very bad condition. It will be better to say there is no proper road from Numaish ground to Shanti Nagar colony .


So my humble request to all of you to please take actions on the above problems.


We believe in our system and law ,So please dont break it.


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